Dew Tour Shop Showdown 2015

Click on image to view Stratosphere's video for for the contest!


Bio: Stratosphere Skateboards opened its doors in 1986. Since then it has worked to support the Atlanta area skate scene. Stratosphere is 100% skater owned and operated and is one of the oldest family owned skate shops in the country.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Riders: Sam Buxton, Kevin Radley, Troy Cobucci, Elias Kitt, Matt Jordan, Graham Bickerstaff Filmer/Editors: John Manfredi & Scott Wagner

For the first time ever, TransWorld SKATEboarding and Dew Tour are teaming up to host a Shop Showdown video contest on to find the best shop team in the country. We invited 16 skate shops to create a 3-minute video edit in the span of one month featuring their best shop riders to be judged on creativity, flow, and skill. With no pro involvement, this contest is a prodigious way to shine some light on the underdogs who constantly put in work for their local shops. All 16 videos will be posted to and bracketed against each other until the final 2 videos are determined through a blend of audience voting and expert analysis by the TWS edit staff and Pro skateboarders from Mountain Dew. The final 2 teams will be flown to Los Angeles, California, to attend the Dew Tour on August 13th where the final 2 videos will be broadcasted through the Dew Tour webcast. We’ll be inviting viewers to cast their final votes on August 13th and 14th during the webcast. The winning shop will be announced at Dew Tour during the live webcast on Sunday, August 16th. #DewTourShopShowdown