Lost In Transition and Down Right Evil video premier photos

words & photos:  BIG HONGRY


You ever wake up in a cold sweat with your panties in a bunch? And it ain't from some stupid fucked up dream you had? Its cause your down south, in hell. Maybe its cause everything you did last night still hasn’t registered and probably never will, maybe because its 98 degrees out and not one drift of a San Franciscan breeze is coming your way, but the only thing that matters in life is skating so you must get up and push wood down someones street, up someones block, around someones corner. 6 runs deep at 4th ward park and you need a breathing treatment, 6 runs deep under the bridge and your in a world of blissful hurt, hill bomb into the temple past the rock bed only to sweat your balls off and drink beers with a bunch of chiggers, yup- your in the dirty south baby, welcome to Atlanta. When I first got here a few years back I knew one thing and quickly realized another. I knew this was the birth place of Martin Luther King, then i quickly realized sam buxton was one of thee sickest skaters to land in little five points. little five points? yea its a little town in atlanta right off Moreland ave, some sort of fucked up skate mecca where generally all the rippers in atlanta or georgia for that matter some how seem to meet up. maybe because the power of Maka Lassi is stronger than we all know, or maybe its because Thomas Taylor has ran one bad ass skate shop out of little five points for about 20-30 years now. I honestly couldn't tell you, I can barely remember last night, but I’ve witnessed some bad ass skating go down with my own two, and Thomas, John Manfredi, and Scott Wagoner managed to stockpile all this great footage new and old into two bad ass skate videos for one bad ass night of premiers. “Lost In Transition” by Thomas Taylor, edited by Manfredi, is nothing but pure skateboarding. I’ve always wondered what the true down south skateboarding scene was about and Georgia has its fair share of rippers from back in the day. There's banging footage from Don Hilsman, Roobzie, the big dawg Load-who apparently cracked Lance Mountain before, footage of a legendary Blaize Blouin which is absolute mind blowing. you wanna talk about backyard ramps? How about front yard ramps-in the 70's and you got Slim Jim O'Brien who used to ride for Zorlac just ripping coping left to right flying all in the air so mommy and daddy can see from they’re living room windows. Lost In Transition even gives you a insight and sort of a first look at Tim Payne's origin of building rad shit for skaters to rip on and him explaining the fact that skaters build stuff for skaters to ride, way better than any silly contractor whose never stepped foot on a board. Spoiler alert: Thomas Taylor has ripping footage at Burnside, bonus section.. The night of this premier was a special one because not only did you get a piece of skate history from TT. But also got a piece of skatings future from Scott Wagoner in his video “Down Right Evil” full parts from David Clark, Justin Brock and Dan Plunkett, clips from any and everyone who was bold enough to get out and street skate, or hit deck specks, or skate grants bowl, or 4th ward, or do anything in that grueling heat and actually make it look good. this guy Sam ”Buck town” Buxton is a killer on a board and he has a full part too. When I say lil five is a mecca I mean you’ll see Down Right Evil and just think to yourself damn, I need to get out there and skate with those guys. Don’t worry tho cause you ain't welcome.