Lost in Transition

We are really excited to tell you about an up and coming video project 

Lost In Transition is a full length skateboard video, featuring footage from 1984-1991. This video represents the back yard ramp scene of the South, an untold story in the history of skateboarding. Featuring full sections from The 1988 Underground Skatepark NSA Contest, The Ramp Ranch, The Garden Ramp, The Skatezone bowl in Atlanta, and The Charleston Hanger in South Carolina both built by legendary skatepark builder Tim Payne. Also featuring a time period accurate soundtrack, this is truly a skate video lost in time. Dedicated to the memorial of Mark Mintel, Sean Miller, and Blaize Blouin


Lost in Transition is in the final stages of post production and will be available on dvd and digital download by the end of the year. Click here to learn more about the project, view photos and articles, find out info about the premiere, and how to pre order a copy, visit www.Lostintranstionvideo.com